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Our services

Content strategy

Meaningful media content is at the heart of every successful marketing campaign.


That’s why, at Surefire, we strive to understand, contextualise and design a robust strategic approach to our clients media content requirements.


In todays multichannel world, media content production has become a complex undertaking. That’s because it can be re-distributed and repurposed across multiple platforms.


Making this happen successfully is an art-form which we take seriously.

Creative direction

At the heart of everything we do is the creative story.


We are storytellers after all. And to tell a good story we believe expert creative direction is key to developing concepts and innovative brand experiences that not only deliver results, but resonates long after the story ends.

Post production

There is nothing easy about post production. There are no short cuts to delivering the best results.


It comes down to a well planned work-flow, leading edge technology, the right skills and hard work.


At Surefire we utilise the latest post production software and hardware, combined with technically savvy operators who value the art-form of media content production.


Surefire works with the very best film, tv, photographic and media design crews from around the globe, bringing their professionalism and expertise to every project we undertake.


We value their skills and experience.


We encourage fun and adventure along the media creation path.


We enjoy the process of media content production and we measure success on how much our clients enjoyed the production journey with us.



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