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Making it work

Back in early February 2020, it seemed unthinkable that within 6 months the majority of Aussie 'white-collar workers' would be working from home as part of their everyday career lifestyle. But here we are, 6 months later, dealing with video-conference meetings almost every day.

Recently, one of our clients came to us with a dilemma - how to produce their quarterly video report when their key heads of department were dispersed far and wide, working from home in lockdown.

For Surefire, the solution was simple; get back to basics, and embrace the technology of video conferencing. We gave guidance on how to set up their video conference tech for best results and once the material was recorded remotely, we wrapped it up with overlay titles and infographics. The result was a cohesive media asset that was on brand, unified, and made sense.

While we certainly missed the opportunity of shooting interviews in person (well, we love shooting after all!), in these strangely weird times this project seems to be part of 'the new normal' - deal with problems, make it work... and save the day!

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