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Capturing a vibrant spirit

The Inner West Council's EDGE Greenway Arts Festival is a vibrant celebration of creativity, community, and the arts. Since 2019, EDGE has cemented itself as an exciting activation in Sydney's cultural calendar.

Surefire Media was invited to shoot a series of 'artist profile' videos, along with social media content. With photographer Shane Rozario directing the scenes and bringing smiles to faces, we loved being part of the buzz and energy over two exciting weekends.

Our strategy for success was broken into four key aims.

Research and Plan:

Before heading to the festival, we spent time familiarising ourselves with the schedule, locations, and participating artists.

Embrace the Atmosphere:

The Edge Greenway Arts Festival exudes a unique atmosphere filled with creativity and joy. Part of the brief was to capture the 'spirit of the event' by focusing not only on the performances but also on the interactions between artists and the audience. Candid shots can often convey the true essence of the festival.

Tell a Story:

We are storytellers after all. We purposefully searched for moments of anticipation, excitement, and reflection. Our aim was to create a valuable library of still images and video content that portrayed the festival's progression, from the launch party, right through to the final day.

Be Respectful and Seek Permission:

Respecting the privacy and artistic integrity of the performers and attendees is important. From years of experience, we know that when shooting close-ups or intimate moments, it's important to seek permission and gain the trust of those involved. Engaging with the community and building connections can also lead to unique photo and video opportunities.

By planning ahead, immersing ourselves in the atmosphere, and telling unique visual stories, we captured the vibrant spirit of this dynamic festival.

Special thanks to all those at the Inner West Council who were involved and supported our efforts.

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