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That hungry feeling

Surefire Media is no stranger to producing food photography and video content. We've been capturing all sorts of foodie media for over 30 years, from hot pizzas and drizzling olive oil to ice cream cakes and tuna bakes.

So when we received a brief to shoot in-store testimonials and product shots for a new line of roast meat products we eagerly strapped on the aprons and went to work.

The challenge was to shoot at several locations around the country, capturing testimonials, along with actual in-store food shots that had a 'studio look' to ensure we matched the overall brand expectations of the client.

Bringing a few tricks of the trade with us helped (precooked veggies, tweezers, toothpicks and hairspray, to name a few). The result was mouth-watering shots, a happy client and a crew with hungry tummies at the end of each day!

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