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Video & photography?

Recently, Surefire Media was asked to deliver a set of media assets - both video and photography - for an impressive Australian consulting company at the crossroads of strategy, culture and human behavior.

Serendis Leadership, based in Sydney, create tailored leadership development programs that address specific business strategies for some of Australia's leading blue-chip companies.

Surefire was given the mission to capture a recent workshop - with both photographs and video.

For many production companies, delivering a cohesive set of still and motion pictures is an onerous mission. For Surefire, shooting both types of media content - on the same shoot - not only saves valuable time and money but makes sense when it comes to building a valuable brand identity with a cohesive library of 'motion-pictures'.

Photographer Shane Rozario captured the energy and dedication of each speaker while Tim Alewood and Emanuel Ruggeri recorded dynamic interviews and presentation highlights.

Working in unison, Surefire demonstrated that the crossroads of video and photography is not only doable but essential to creating valuable brand media.

Motion pictures? Yep, tick - and tick.

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