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Working with Local Government

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

All around Australia, local councils are playing a critical role in helping their communities become more sustainable, reduce emissions and adapt to climate change.

This year Surefire Media has been working with Randwick City Council in Sydney's eastern suburbs. We produced a series of videos designed to "spread the word" on how Randwick Council is helping local community groups improve their own sustainability initiatives through better networking, self-promotion and community outreach.

Working with photographer Shane Rozario, a series of workshops were held at the Randwick Sustainability Hub. Several community groups came together to share knowledge and learn about photography, marketing and promotion.

Over the course of several months, we followed a group of enthusiastic participants as they learnt about photography and social media marketing. The project culminated in a presentation evening.

The key message was; by helping smaller community groups and working together on sustainability initiatives, the whole community benefits.

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