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Do yourself a favour

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

James Roberts: It has been many years (err, that should be "many many many years"!) since a music video landed on our production desk.

Back in the day, several music videos for some big names in the Aussie music scene kept my editing skills sharp and 'on-the-beat'. In fact, some of that music video experience may have been gained when Countdown was on TV... hmm, that's scary. So, it was a lovely breath of fresh air to be out and about once again shooting a music video, especially after these past months of COVID 'location shooting hibernation'.

My daughter, the very talented Molly Roberts has released her debut single 'Bleed' and we loved having the opportunity to create a music video for her. Shot in a single day, both in-studio and on-location. Charlie Clement brought his super DOP skills to the mission, capturing some beautiful shots with the RED kit.

'Bleed' is out now on Spotify, with a bunch of supporting social and video media assets produced by Surefire... for those of you who remember Countdown... "do yourself a favour and check it out"!

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