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Speaking their language

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Recently Surefire Media delivered an end-of-year 'business wrap-up' media asset for one of our global financial sector clients. The short video presentation was designed to play in front of a large internal staff audience and had to cover a lot of technical ground in a few short minutes.

Calibrating the media language

First of all, producing a relevant media asset has a lot to do with 'speaking the right language'. In this case, we had to do our research, get involved and gain a better insight into our client's business. Our true objective and this goes for any media asset we produce, is to capture attention, engage the audience and ‘make a case’ with actionable take away key messages.

This is best achieved by 'calibrating the media language' we use so it makes sense to a particular audience.

We achieve this through three key ingredients:

● Attention-grabbing, meaningful video footage with motion graphics that appeal to the audience (the look).

● Clear and precise storylines (the script).

● Data points and infographics that bring value to the story (the vision).

The result was a valuable media asset that did the job and received great feedback. Now that's the kind of language we like to hear.

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