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The Sonder challenge

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

As Australia's international student boom continues into the new decade, and more and more businesses are giving their workers the flexibility to work remotely, Sonder is uniquely placed to provide a special service - multilingual, 24/7, rapid response, remote and in-person security support.

Universities including Murdoch and Monash are now recommending Sonder as a safety option for students.

To help tell the Sonder story, Surefire Media was brought on board to help design and create a set of media assets in the form of animated explainer videos. These videos will be rolled out during onboarding workshops and B2B presentations around Australia and New Zealand.

Sonder is rapidly growing. So we've been honored to be part of their team at such an exciting time.

For more information on Sonder, check out their website [ ] and download their App on the Google or Apple App stores.

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